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Welcome to ” The Jungle Dairy” Wildlife Photography Portal, where you can enjoy photographs of wonderful freezing moments in wildlife. I am grateful to be able to share the roots of my passion & vision into a reality for conserving wildlife, habitats, and ecosystems.


Where my creative and emotional attachment to nature is at the very heart of each image, creating a unique and artistic reflection of my time in the field. It is my intention to use these reflections of the natural world to bring people’s awareness of what beautiful wildlife we have on our doorstep and all around us and the importance of conservation and the need to preserve our national heritage. 

Millions of species of fauna and flora inhabit this vibrant and diverse world we live in. Sometimes we don’t even remember that there is nature beyond our cities and our comfort zone. There is so much wildlife to captivate and capture. My photographs can share the beauty of this world and brings you the wildlife scenes of Fauna & Flora.

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